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  • BugReport Appender  v.1.0BugReport appender is a Log4j appender that logs logging events from individual threads of execution into compact bug reports containing logging events related to a specific issue. This can write reports to files or directly into bug tracking ...
  • Hibernate Log4J Appender  v.0.1bHibernate Log4j Appender is a Log4j appender which logs to a database using hibernate.
  • Matrix Appender  v.1.0This is a socket log4j appender which has the character falling effect like the one in the movie The Matrix.
  • Log4j multicast appender  v.1.0SpreadAppender is a log4j appender module that broadcasts log messages over a local multicast network using the Spread API. It is very efficient and perfect for clusters of network applications. Your sysadmin will thank you for it.
  • Nagios Appender  v.1.5.0A pure Java implementation of a Log4j appender.
  • File Appender  v.1.0This is far too simple to circumvent, your crafty sysadmin might have enforced another Windows feature which blocks the program based on its size on disk, or a digest hash of the file contents. This appears to be very difficult to get around, but ...
  • LEMA - Log/Event Monitor and Analyser  v.86.64LEMA is an easy to use Log-Server. It supports asynchronous logging of multiple applications (log4j-appender). The logs are processed and save to a database. An RCP-UI supports Live View, History View with advanced filters. You can use it for Error ...
  • Prolix  v. is an extension appender for the log4net logging framework. Prolix directs logging for an ASP.NET session to a separate tab in the browser. Since communication is over HTTP, users can watch logging data regardless of security ...
  • Log4WS  v.1.0A distributed logging & monitoring WS architecture using WS-Notification (WSN) as well as a Log4J appender that implements an appropriate adapter. Software components that already use Log4J can be integrated non-intrusively.
  • Universal Logger  v.1.0Universal Logger is a java server(log4j) + console(lumbermill++) for storing events from log4j, log4cpp, ... in a DB and then use an action appender to forward events to specifics appenders regarding (regexp) the level, category, or message of the event.
  • Log4JME  v.1.0LOG4JME is a library wich exposes to applications in J2ME a service capable to address via 9 different types of output channel the log messages. The 9 different types of appender are : Irda, Bluetooth, Email, Sms, File, RMS and a generic Stream.
  • AceLogger  v.1.0AceLogger is a new approach to logging frameworks. It provides multiple appenders, with it's own configuration (like formatters, filters and so on) and the possibility to target multiple sources to a given appender.
  • XmppAppender  v.1.0A java library providing an appender for the log4j framework utilizing XMPP alias Jabber protocol for message transport ...
  • Join (Merge, Combine) Multiple AVI Files Into One Software  v.7.0Append multiple AVI files. Save result as a new file.
  • LogFaces  v.2.3Out-of-the-box log server and log aggregator for applications which use Apache Logging Services to perform their logging. Comes with it's own client application for real-time viewing and data mining. Can work with magnitude of applications at once.
  • Advanced PDF Combiner  v.1.8Advanced PDF Combiner assists with joining two PDF documents or their selected PDF content. Allows replacement and insertion of one or more pages.
  • BizTalk Utilities 2002  v.1.0BizTalk Utilities Core BizTalk Utilities for Databases BizTalk Utilities for Messaging BizTalk Utilities for SAP SMTP: Submit Messages received on your local BizTalk Servers SMTP Server to BizTalk Server. Web Storage System: Submit Mail Messages and ...
  • Add Date and-or Time To Filenames Software  v.7.0Add timestamp/datestamp to multiple filenames in batch. Features for this software include: Add current time to beginning of filename, Add current time to end of filename, Add current time after nth character in filename, etc.
  • Log::Dispatch::Scribe  v.0.05Logging via Facebook's Scribe server software ...
  • LogFACES Enterprise Logging Suite  v.3.1.1logFACES Enterprise Logging Suite is composed by two applications which deal with software integrations ...
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